Fargo DTC5500LMX Driver for Windows
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Fargo DTC5500LMX Driver

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July 26th, 2023


July 26th, 2023






Fargo DTC5500LMX Driver for Windows

HID Fargo DTC5500LMX Driver For Windows:

Designed for high-volume issuance, the DTC5500LMX offers hands-free dual-sided lamination. It can even load two different types of laminates at the same time. This a great feature for those who want to use a holographic laminate on the front of their card, but plain material on the back. So, the latest version of Fargo DTC5500LMX Driver can be downloaded from this page.

Featuring HID Global’s new PolyGuard LMX wasteless laminate. The printer eliminates ribbon pickup cores and laminate film carriers so that you only need to dispose of one empty supply roll when it runs out.


The DTC5500LMX uses direct-to-card resin thermal transfer printing to create quality. High-definition images and text on CR80/credit card-sized ID cards. This technology makes it easier to produce professional-looking badges that are resistant to wear and tear and can handle a broader range of applications like magnetic stripe and contact smart chip encoding.

The printer offers standard dual-sided printing and lamination, reducing overall print times and costs. High-yield ribbons and laminates allow you to produce hundreds (or thousands) of cards before having to replace supplies, further cutting costs and downtime between card batches.

The DTC5500LMX also features a low-cost, eco-friendly design that utilizes wasteless laminate rolls. PolyGuard LMX wasteless laminates feature rounded corner patches to increase coverage and cut laminate patch costs by 50% while reducing energy consumption. This all-in-one printing and lamination solution is ideal for government agencies, universities, corporations, and healthcare facilities that need Direct-to-Card printing capability to routinely issue high volumes of ID cards and personalized cards.


The DTC5500LMX utilizes HID Fargo’s new iON technology that dramatically reduces the laminator warm-up time from 2-5 minutes to 40 seconds. This is especially important in intermittent issuance environments such as DMV and University campuses where there may be delays between printing cards while paperwork is completed or payment processed.

The 56305 also features wasteless lamination – eliminating the supply roll and pickup core of conventional card laminators to cut costs further. This is paired with the new PolyGuard LMX wasteless laminates which have been designed to reduce wasted patch area by 50% compared to traditional laminates.

The DTC5500LMX supports a wide array of contact. Contactless and magnetic encoders for seamless in-line encoding of iCLASS SE, iCLASS MIFARE DESFire, and HID eCLASS cards. It has dual card hoppers and supports high-yield ribbons and laminate supplies – enabling cost-conscious Government agencies, universities, corporations, and healthcare facilities to routinely issue secure, durable ID cards at an ultra-low cost-per-card.

Embedded Web Server:

The Fargo DTC5500LMX has an embedded web server that enables you to print cards using a mobile device, tablet, or computer connected via the internet. This feature allows you to access the ID card printer. Create and manage cards with a browser without a local PC and optimize your workflow.

Based on 20 years of direct-to-card HID Global expertise. The DTC5500LMX combines cost-saving functionality with proven reliability. The newest workhorse from Fargo, it offers high-volume printing in an ultra-durable design that’s ideal for government agencies, universities, enterprise corporations, and healthcare facilities.

The DTC5500LMX also features dual-side printing and wasteless lamination to reduce consumable costs. And it comes standard with a built-in Ethernet port and printer server. As well as the ability to “print” security watermarks on your cards. This makes it easy to identify counterfeit badges and helps with card security. It also includes a high-capacity ribbon and laminate that helps to make supply changes less frequent. Further reducing your cost per card.


HID Fargo DTC5500LMX is the most advanced direct-to-card printer/encoder that offers premium printing and a unique wasteless lamination feature for ultra-low cost-per-card. This solution is ideal for medium to large businesses, universities, and government. And healthcare facilities that need to routinely issue high-quality and durable ID cards.

Designed with security in mind, the DTC5500LMX features a heavy-duty metal and plastic body built to stand up to the rigors of continuous card issuance. It also incorporates the latest in security technology including a customizable watermark overlay and resin scramble data protection feature.

The DTC5500LMX also offers a range of ECO-friendly print ribbons. Laminate patch options that include clear and holographic. And off-the-shelf or custom holographic encoders for maximum security. It also uses iON technology that dramatically reduces the lamination warm-up time to less than a minute. Increasing productivity and efficiency in environments where frequent issuance is required. The DTC5500LMX also utilizes wasteless laminate patches that have rounded corners. Eliminating the need for notches to advance the laminate and therefore reducing materials waste.

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