DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver for Windows

DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver

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July 12th, 2023


July 12th, 2023






DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver for Windows

DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver Review:

Ensure workgroup productivity with this A3 monochrome digital multifunction printer. Optional WiFi lets staff print, scan or email documents from their mobile devices.

With a typical energy consumption feature that meets ENERGY STAR® requirements, this device reduces your environmental impact. Plus, advanced finishers automate time-consuming tasks to increase productivity. It’s easy to keep your PC and hardware running at peak performance with the latest drivers from Xerox.

Multi-Function Capabilities:

Our mono multifunction devices combine the speed and reliability of a typical office copier with enhanced capabilities for improved productivity. They’re designed to help you reduce print volumes and waste, save energy and use paper efficiently.

Our high-speed, color scanning function allows you to digitize paper documents, and then use the text information to create DocuWorks or PDF documents, Note4. Alternatively, you can print these digital files as email attachments, reducing your document printing volume and further contributing to energy savings.

We understand that your workgroup demands a dependable, monochrome multifunction device that sustains procedure within your properties much better than a desktop computer copier. That’s why we created DocuCentre IV 3065 / 3060 / 2060 series, a compact and agile wireless device with enhanced and also versatile alternatives to fit your premises. It also includes premium functions that own greater productivity output with enhanced efficiency to lengthen the durability of your business. The DMO benchmarking portal provides an easy-to-use comparison tool, showing the strengths and weaknesses of each model as well as all technical specifications.

Optional WiFi:

With optional WiFi, DocuCentre-IV devices provide the mobility that today’s mobile workforce demands. Staff using laptops, smartphones. And tablets can hot-desk or print from their own device, streamlining workflows and increasing productivity. This helps improve collaboration and reduce costs by allowing printing on-demand from any location. With optional advanced finishers such as stapling. Booklet making, and hole punching, you can create professional-quality documents and handouts that give your business a competitive edge.

Adding Mopria Alliance certification, the DocuCentre-IV series is compatible with Android mobile devices – allowing users to save energy and time by printing web pages. Photos and emails directly from their mobile devices. It also offers Serverless On-Demand Print. Allowing print jobs to be queued and held securely until released by entering a PIN or swipe of a security card*.

Optional Advanced Finishers:

With optional advanced finishers, you can take your print output to another level. From stapling to hole-punching to booklet-making. You can transform sales proposals and marketing collateral into professionally produced documents that enhance your company image.

Optional Server-less On-Demand Print enables print jobs to be sent and stored on the device until they are released by entering a PIN or swipe of a security card. Enhancing staff productivity and providing redundancy if a device is busy with a large print run or out of action. EA-Eco toner uses a minimum fusing temperature that is 20 lower than conventional toner. Reducing energy consumption in heating the fusing unit.

The DocuCentre IV 2060 is Mopria Alliance certified. Allowing you to use the free app from Android devices to print websites. Photos, emails, and more, directly from your mobile phone or tablet. It also enables you to scan documents and send them to your smartphone for easy sharing, further improving work efficiency.

Optional Server-less On-Demand Print:

The optional server-less on-demand print function enables users to redirect their print jobs to another multifunction device** if the original device is busy or out of operation, further improving document security. Users can also view the status of their print job on the UI panel, or change settings such as number of copies, color mode, and one-sided/two-sided output – all from their own machine. This greatly improves print management efficiency and reduces costs from unnecessary printing.

The high-speed scanning function at 55 ppmNote3 digitizes paper documents into digital files that can be stored on a PC or sent as an email attachment. Reducing print volume and contributing to energy savings. Scanned documents can be converted into searchable PDF or DocuWorks documents by OCR processing. Note4 making them easy to use when searching for information.

The device uses a soft, gentle sound to indicate to the user that printing is completed and the job is ready for collection. This helps to avoid miscommunication and reduces the risk of information leakage from uncollected prints.

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