ApeosPort VI C5571 Driver Download for Windows

ApeosPort VI C5571 Driver

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July 16th, 2023


July 16th, 2023






ApeosPort VI C5571 Driver Download for Windows

ApeosPort VI C5571 Driver:


Printing is easy, whether for a single document or multiple pages. The MFD automatically detects the paper type. Such as one-sided or two-sided, and the resulting job is processed accordingly. You can also quickly scan documents and save them to a PC. Or send them as attachments to an email. The MFD also makes it possible to create file names using a custom string set on a PC combined with the document type and date. This helps to improve searchability when storing documents in the device’s memory or sending them via e-mail. The use of the IH-Fuser and LED print head contributes to energy savings. So, the latest version of ApeosPort VI C5571 Driver can be downloaded from this page.


The fax function converts a document into a digital file and sends it over a telephone line connected to a fax machine. It also allows you to print a copy that has been sent by fax to another fax machine.

The ITU-T recommendation T.38 transmits pre-digitized documents in near real-time over a packet network (VoIP or Internet) using JPEG compression. It is less sensitive to network jitter, packet loss, and clock synchronization than T.30. But it requires a compatible fax server on both sides of the fax call.

The fax function offers two forms of image-data compression, allowing for much quicker transmission than uncompressed data. MR compresses the original page into blocks of 128 x 1728 pixels or 1145 lines, which are transmitted simultaneously. This results in a 10 s transmission for a standard A4-sized page, which is about 50 times faster than uncompressed data. Modified READ is an alternative compression method that compares the first scanned line with its predecessor and encodes only the differences.


Scan documents in a duplex manner with an automatic document feeder at high speed to save time and paper. A file name can be created by a custom string set on the PC combined with the document type and date. Allowing for easier search and management. By installing a device certificate on an MFD. Digital signatures can be added to scanned documents and encrypted communication based on S/MIME can be performed for outgoing emails/internet faxes. The operation screen can also be customized to the preference of each user with the use of a face recognition camera. *1 Using the application preinstalled on the MFD, print, and scan functions can be used from mobile devices without being connected to the network.

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