Alfa AWUS1900 Driver Free Download

Alfa AWUS1900 Driver

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July 5th, 2023


July 5th, 2023







Alfa AWUS1900 Driver Free Download

Alfa AWUS1900 Driver for Windows:

Alfa AWUS1900 Driver for Windows – Increase your WiFi signal strength and eliminate dead spots in your living space. AWUS1900 is compatible with dual-band WiFi antennas to maximize its WiFi performance and range. In WIFISLAX the adapter is detected automatically, you don’t need to manually install drivers. It works stably on Windows 11, unlike 036ACH in this OS.

Wireless Speed:

The Alfa AWUS1900 Driver for Windows has a high wireless speed of up to 300Mbps. This makes it fast enough to download large files and stream videos. It also has a high range to help you get rid of dead spots in your home or office.

The AWUS1900 features four external antenna connectors that allow you to use WiFi dual-band antennas. The antennas are sold separately, so you can choose the ones that suit your needs. This WiFi USB adapter supports beamforming, which increases the signal strength of your router and improves your wireless performance.

The ALFA AWUS036NHA is an excellent choice for wardriving and penetration testing because it uses the Atheros ar9271 chipset. It also has an open-source driver and works well with Kali Linux. So, it has a small footprint and is easy to install. It is also very affordable. It is a great option for those who are looking for a cheap wireless network adapter for kali linux.

Wireless Coverage:

The Alfa AWUS1900 looks like a dead spider at first glance, but the four antennas attached to it pull in wifi signals from the ether with surprising power for such a small little device. It’s about the size of a stack of business cards, but it has four mini BNC connectors where you can attach angled antennas to give it maximum wireless coverage.

The AWUS1900 also has external antenna connectors for directional antennas that increase your range even more, so you can eliminate WiFi dead spots in your home or office. The device also supports beamforming to maximize your network performance.

This adapter works very well on Windows 11, no need to install drivers – they’re included in the OS. It’s a lot more stable than the AWUS036ACH. It doesn’t fall off of the PC, unlike some other adapters I’ve used in the past. It also has a better reception sensitivity than most other adapters I’ve tested.

Wireless Signal Penetration:

If you’re looking for a long-range WiFi USB adapter that can do de-auths, monitor mode, and perform other advanced attacks then this is the one to go with. This beast is small, fast, has excellent range, and comes with a pair of 5dBi antennas. It also works well with Kali Linux (although you will need to set it up manually).

This dual-band network card has a high-speed capability of 2.4GHz [up to 600Mbps] and 5GHz [up to 1900Mbps]. It can be combined with a long-range directional antenna for optimal performance. It is easy to install on a Kali Linux system and supports passive and offensive discovery, and attack modes for both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.

After installation is complete, open iwconfig and look for the device named AWUS036NHR. If it’s there, it means the driver is installed properly and your AP is ready to use. You can then connect your wireless device and start using the internet.

Wireless Antennas:

The Alfa AWUS1900 looks like a dead spider, but the four antennas on it pull in WiFi signals from the ether with surprising power. It’s a small, light unit with four mini BNC connectors where angled antennas fit on it, plus a cable.

Unlike some monitor mode wireless adapters (such as the Trendnet TEW-809UB), this device’s antennas are compatible with MIMO technology. This feature improves transmission speeds and increases the chances of capturing a handshake for WPA/WPA2 attacks.

The AWUS036NHA supports most of the functions found in Kali Linux, thanks to the Atheros AR9271 chipset. For example, you can use it to perform wardriving or test for the penetration of wireless networks.

In WIFISLAX, the AWUS1900 is detected immediately, without the need to install drivers manually. It also works stably on Windows 11 and does not fall off, unlike Windows 11. The Alfa AWUS1900 Driver for Windows is a great option for people who want to use their PCs for gaming, streaming video, or online collaboration.

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